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"...I never felt pretty as a little girl, I always thought I was ugly. Although my mom made sure that I was dressed nicely and had my hair comed (hot combed), I still did not feel or look like I was a pretty girl. All through my childhood and teen years I felt dirty, used, invaluable, which I carried into my adult years. Growing up in poverty added to the bonus of worthlessness..."

"...Sexual abuse has a way of making you feel unworthy, useless and unclean. The repair starts inside out..."

"...As a child you are always taught to respect, trust, and obey 'grown people'. But what do you do when 'grown people' do sexual things to you? Do you obey them when they tell you not to tell anyone or do you obey your mom when she tells you not to disrespect 'grown people' and do as they say?..."


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