Welcome February!! Happy Heart Healthy Month! ❤❤❤

February is Black History and Healthy Heart Awareness Month.
As a black woman and heart attack survivor this month (and every month) is very special and important to me. Two years ago I suffered a heart attack. I had a 70% percent blockage in my artery which required a Stent placement.

Coming from a strong family history of heart disease, I’ve lost many love ones, including my dear and loving Mother, maternal Grandmother and maternal Grandfather.

Surprisingly and unbeknownst to me, I didn’t even know that I was having a heart attack. There wasn’t the normal, typical signs, I just really didn’t feel well. While driving to Homegoods, I’m truly
thankful for the Holy Spirit’s revelation to go to the hospital.😊 Praise God! HE is so good! I’m thankful for His love, complete healing and restoration for me and my life.

If you have any of the following warning signs below, please see a Doctor immediately.

Heart Attack Warning Signs:
Uncomfortable Pressure/Chest Discomfort or Tightness
Chest/Body Pain
Upper Body Pain
Getting Sweaty
Labored Breathing
Shortness of Breath
Jaw, Back or Shoulder Pain

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