Welcome Magnificent May!

Welcome Magnificent May!!!
Loved, Healed and Restored had a wonderful closeout of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)!

β€’ 4/11 “Teach Me How” Virtual event (Healing Hands Incorporated)
β€’ 4/25 “Keeping it Moving to a Better YOU” event (Brockton Public Library)
β€’ 4/26 National Denim Day Participation
β€’ 4/27 “Let’s Talk About It” Grant Award Celebration (Healing Hands Incorporated)
β€’ 4/28 Healthy Kids Day event (Parkway Community YMCA)
In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, LHR donated the following:
πŸ’œ 6 McDonalds and/or Amazon gift cards
πŸ’œ 9 “gift of love” baskets
πŸ’œ 10 “gift of love” bags
πŸ’œ 32 candy treat bags
πŸ’œ 9 copies of my books, “In Jesus Name, Please Don’t Touch Me There” and the “Loved, Healed and Restored Daily Journal.”

The month of April may be over, but our work continues.

* Every 68 seconds, an American is Sexually assaulted. *

Your support of Loved, Healed and Restored LLC is truly valued and greatly appreciated! πŸ’œ

Mitzi L. Carrasquillo
Founder & Owner
Loved, Healed and Restored LLC
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“Teach Me How” Virtual Workshop Presentation

Talk about saving the smiles… πŸ˜ƒ 😊
These BEAUTIFUL,  EXTRAORDINARY CUTIES were a part of our 1st “Keeping it Moving to a Better YOU” VIRTUAL workshop presentation (4/11) in collaboration with Healing Hands Incorporated. In lieu of “gift of love” baskets and gift bags, Leslie GΓΌity and I blessed them with complimentary copies of our authored books, McDonalds and Amazon gift cards πŸ’œπŸ§‘
Thank you again Alida Dany Tchicamboud  Healing Hands Incorporated for having Loved, Healed and Restored LLC and Orangesticity LLC serve your community of girls!

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)

What an encouraging, empowering and inspiring first week of Sexual Assault Awareness Month! All this week Loved, Healed and Restored shared the following information: What is Sexual Assault, Crisis information, How to help a friend, Sexual Violence Statistics, What is Denim Day and the White Ribbon Campaign. This week we’re preparing for several upcoming Sexual Assault Awareness events this month, more details to follow soon. Until then, please safe and have a wonderful Holiday.

Many thanks to Yung Dumme World ~

Stephanie Wilson and family/team we just wanted to take a moment and thank you for such an amazing event. We were honored to serve for you and your mission. Thank you for sharing your purposeful remembrance of your beautiful son. Also myself losing a brother to homicide, your mission and purpose is what our community and city stands for. Thank you for leading the cause. You should be very proud of the turnout, heartfelt love, smiles and purposeful joy.
Thank you again for choosing us to serve alongside Yung Dumme World.
Jose (Mig) and Mitzi Carrasquillo,
Let Mig Cater 2 U /Mig’s Dogs LLC & Loved, Healed and Restored LLC

Julia Mejia, At-Large City Councilor in Boston, Massachusetts

Happy Women’s History Month!

Happy Women’s History Month!
In honor of this month, let’s practice being a good friend.
The steps below are how to help a friend after sexual assault, but honestly this also applies in any area of life or challenges.
I just finished having the true blessing of a 12 week, virtual “Healing Corner” journey with 5 beautiful, phenomenal and fantastic Sisters, Alida, Karen, Luz, Edith and Cathy πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
God placed all of us together in the perfect season of our lives; something that ONLY HE COULD DO!!! πŸ™
Personally, I was able to open up and share with them things that I’ve NEVER shared before. I truly thank God for each sister! Sister Alida, Healing Hands thank you for your obedience following God’s instruction and direction. God bless you for our love fest. πŸ₯° YOU are a wonderful sister-friend! πŸ’œπŸ’™
β€’ Be a good listener
β€’ Believe your friend
β€’ Keep what they share confidential
β€’ Provide options and information
β€’ Let them make their own decisions
β€’ Support and care for your friend. Let them know that they’re not alone.

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” Helen Keller

Many thanks to West Roxbury’s Parkway Community YMCA!

Our 7th AMAZING “Keeping it Moving to a Better YOU” workshop was a huge success! The staff said, “it was a great workshop and look forward to having us back for another workshop.” Thanks so much Parkway Community YMCA!

Our closing surveys were phenomenal and provided great insight on our presentation.

* QUESTION – What they received out of the workshop?
– How to love yourself
– I am extraordinary, amazing, worth everything, worthiness.
-Information about sexual assault.
– Be aware of your surroundings.

* QUESTION – Recommend this workshop to others?
All Yes’!!
– I would so they can learn too.
– Because this information is helpful.

* QUESTION – Most interesting to you?
– I think overall it was good.
– I want more life lessons.
– The inspirational speech you both gave and your contagious smiles.
– You don’t have to do anything better.  I think the most interesting one is the sexual assault.
– I don’t feel 100% comfortable with mentioning of God when it comes to normal things.

Do you have a teen center, girls group, support group, or afterschool program?
Would you like to have Leslie and Mitzi present our FREE workshop (“Keeping it Moving to a Better YOU”) to your community of girls (ages 8-18)? If so, please see the attached flyer for details.

β€œFeelings buried live do not die, they corrupt and pollute the soul..” Iyanla Vanzant

Do you have a teen center, girls group, support group, or afterschool program?

We’re excited to join West Roxbury’s YMCA “TAG” (Together as Girls) group on Wednesday, February 15th from 5:30 – 7:30 pm at the West Roxbury YMCA, 1972 Centre St. West Roxbury.

Would you like to have Leslie and Mitzi present our FREE workshop (“Keeping it Moving to a Better YOU”) to your community of girls (ages 8-18)? If so, please see the attached flyer for details.

Happy Black History and Healthy Heart Month ❀ πŸ–€πŸ’š

Day 7 of  Black History Month and Healthy Heart Month β™₯
Being a Black woman and a heart attack survivor (3 years), this month is very important and  special to me. I continually
Praise and thank God! I had fluttering in my chest, my entire left side was swollen and such weird/unusual jaw pain. I had no idea I was having a heart attack. Praise God for the Holy Spirit’s revelation to go to the hospital, because this chick was heading to Homegoods! πŸ˜… God is so good and I’m thankful for His love, healing and restoration. πŸ™
Ladies, please take your health seriously. If you feel anything unusual or out of the norm, please seek medical attention. And always remember, take care of YOU first! ❀
Much love and God bless πŸ™

Heart Attack Warning Signs:
Uncomfortable Pressure/Chest Discomfort or Tightness
Chest/Body Pain
Upper Body Pain
Getting Sweaty
Labored Breathing
Shortness of Breath
Jaw, Back or Shoulder Pain

Happy New Year and Welcome February!

Hope you are well and rested in this new season of life. Our team has been extremely busy this season!

COMING SOON! NEW T-SHIRT LINE! I’ll be sharing our new Loved, Healed and Restored adorable t-shirts very soon!!! YAY!!! There’s two designs to choose from that are very, very cute! Many thanks to Allycia Dickens of Type A Designs info@typeadesigns.com

Gift of Love” Baskets: The “gift of love” baskets are still available! πŸ’œ And we have some really nice, new items this season! I can’t wait to share them with you!

Since 2021, Loved, Healed and Restored LLC donated over 160 “gift of love” baskets to girls (ages 8-18) in Brockton, Roxbury, Stoughton, Mattapan, Dorchester, West Roxbury and the surrounding areas of Boston.

“Keeping it Moving to a Better YOU” discussion workshops: The upcoming workshops are in the planning stages and the calendar will be updated. Please stay connected, we’ll be visiting and presenting at numerous libraries, teen groups and boys and girls clubs etc. If you would like us to present our FREE workshop presentation at your location, please contact me.

Our FREE workshop presentation, “Keeping it Moving to a Better YOU” discussion topics include Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention, Self-esteem, Self-confidence and Self-love information.

To date, we’ve presented “Keeping it Moving to a Better YOU” workshops and the “Healing of the Hearts” events at the Roxbury Public Library, Grove Hall library, Codman Square Library, Franklin Hill Housing, Franklin Field Housing Development (4 events) in Dorchester, Brockton Housing Authority Development (3 events), Washington Beech Housing in Roslindale, Parkway Community YMCA in West Roxbury (Ghoul Gala), Mattapan Teen Center’s Boys and Girls Club, Ashmont Farmers Market in Ashmont Station, Dorchester and many other surrounding areas in the city of Boston and Brockton. 

Mig’s Dogs LLC: Mig’s Dogs is my husband’s highly favored and sought after Hotdog Cart business. I’ve been assisting him and it’s amazing! Who knew this type of business is busy all year long?! 😊 Mig’s Dogs is community driven and love to serve! Knowing the importance of affordable meals for families, the primary mission is to serve fresh, valued meals. Our food is delicious and with excellent and friendly customer service.

If you would like Loved, Healed and Restored to present our FREE workshop presentation, “gift of love” baskets and/or Mig’s Dogs to cater/vend at your event, please do not hesitate to contact me. Mitzi Carrasquillo 301.536.3662

With many thanks…

Sending many blessings to our wonderful Jubilee Greeter’s Ministry Sisters! πŸ’œ
Thank you for choosing Loved, Healed and Restored LLC as your organization to bless this year. I’m truly humbled, honored and blessed for your giving. Your donation will greatly bless many girls in the city of Boston and Brockton. I love, appreciate and thank God for your beautiful giving spirit. πŸ’œ May God repay you. πŸ’œ Much love and many blessings ~