THANK YOU Franklin Hill Housing!

When you wake up to texts stating, “I had a great day; I think I had more fun than the girls”

“This is a beautiful thing that you have going, I felt so refreshed after”

Praise God! Still relishing from the beautiful “Healing of the Hearts” event at Franklin Hill in Dorchester yesterday.

As always at each event, we plan for 25 girls, yesterday we blessed 17 girls with a “gift of love” basket and a free copy of my book, “In Jesus Name, Please Don’t Touch Me There”

So many to thank, of course starting with the girls. It was truly my honor that you and your parents took the time (during school vacation) to attend. I loved talking and sharing with each of you. Thank you for your honesty, your smiles and love. As you chose your basket and seeing you smile truly warmed my heart.

A special thank you to my sweetheart, husband “Mig’s Dogs” for sowing and serving all the girls, their family members and the Franklin Hill Board of Directors staff team.

Thank you to the Boys and Girls Club for allowing us to grace your space and Market Basket for feeding our face 😊 as always, the “Loved” cake was DELICIOUS!!

A heartfelt and gracious thank you to Sandra Young and Pam Hoyt for delivering the invites, contacting the girls and their parents, helping setup and cleanup.

Blessings to the Franklin Hill Board of Directors Team, Arlene Carr and Sandra Young for your donation to Loved, Healed and Restored LLC with the 3 beautiful baskets! I know our next stop will LOVE THEM!

To my lovely donors, A HUGE THANK YOU Abigail, Diana, Laura, The Lacerda Family, Jose, Rosie’s Place these events and many lives are changed simply because of you… God bless you and may you continue to be Loved, Healed and Restored ~