Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day! 💙 #wearblueday​ #humantraffickingawareness​ #sexualassaultawareness​

🔷️ Human Trafficking is “Modern Day Slavery” for the purpose of Force, Fraud and Coercion for the purpose of Commercial Sex, Debt/Bondage and Involuntary Labor.

🔷️ 7 in 10 Human Trafficking are women and girls.

🔷️ For assistance, please contact:

🔷️ The Hotline is available 24 hours per day 7 days a week.
Available in English and Spanish at 888.373.7888

🔷️ The four objectives to combat Human Trafficking:

1. Prevention of Trafficking
2. Protection of Victims/Survivors
3. Prosecution of Traffickers
4. Partnerships for a strengthened response.