Yes May is FINALLY HERE!!!

April was a BUSY MONTH! My team member Leslie and I conducted four “Keeping it Moving to a Better YOU” workshops last month in Dorchester and Brockton, Massachusetts. The workshops were so needed and truly worthwhile. We provided Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention information, Self-esteem, Self-confidence and Self-love documentation. We had a great time presenting and the girls that came out were awesome! They really enjoyed and received from the workshop. Reading the survey results we received very encouraging feedback to know how we were doing and they listened so intently and had great ideas and comments. Every workshop we conducted was very inspiring, informative and helpful.

If you would like Leslie and I to present our free “Keeping it Moving to a Better YOU” workshop, please contact me at or 301.536.3662. We’ll be glad to add you to our schedule. Our primary goal is inform, inspire and encourage young girls to walk out their purpose in life. Hope to hear from you soon!

At the Heritage House Christian Bookstore signing my Loved, Healed and Restored Daily Journal to my lovely, sweet customer and childhood friend Kim 💜