…So long June and Welcome July!

I can’t believe June has come and is almost over!!
Hope everyone is well in this season of life.
We’ve been very, very busy here in Boston!! Hotdog Season is truly here!! 🌭🌭🌭
My husband’s business is “Mig’s Dogs” LLC and we’ve been some busy lil’ beavers to say the LEAST!!! Between the hotdog cart business events and the Loved, Healed and Restored collaboration workshops (for girls in the community) we’ve been swamped! But we LOVE IT! There’s nothing like serving in our community.

So if you’re in need of a Food/Hotdog Vendor, please contact me at mitzicarrasquillo@gmail.com or 301.536.3662. We have some availability from July to September, but it’s filling up fast!
Well enough of that shameless plug. πŸ˜†

Let’s get to the fun stuff…
The Loved, Healed and Restored Team is planning and getting very excited for our next Healing of the Heart “gift of love” basket giveaways!
Can’t wait to bless girls in our community, I’m working on some dates, locations and will surely share them.
If you would like Loved, Healed and Restored to bless your community of girls, please contact me at mitzicarrasquillo@gmail.com or 301.536.3662.
The “gift of love” baskets are completely FREE and absolutely beautiful. I make them myself, each one is special, different, unique and made with pure love from me to YOU. πŸ’œ Hope to see you soon! Be safe and enjoy your 4th of July πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ