Many thanks to West Roxbury’s Parkway Community YMCA!

Our 7th AMAZING “Keeping it Moving to a Better YOU” workshop was a huge success! The staff said, “it was a great workshop and look forward to having us back for another workshop.” Thanks so much Parkway Community YMCA!

Our closing surveys were phenomenal and provided great insight on our presentation.

* QUESTION – What they received out of the workshop?
– How to love yourself
– I am extraordinary, amazing, worth everything, worthiness.
-Information about sexual assault.
– Be aware of your surroundings.

* QUESTION – Recommend this workshop to others?
All Yes’!!
– I would so they can learn too.
– Because this information is helpful.

* QUESTION – Most interesting to you?
– I think overall it was good.
– I want more life lessons.
– The inspirational speech you both gave and your contagious smiles.
– You don’t have to do anything better.  I think the most interesting one is the sexual assault.
– I don’t feel 100% comfortable with mentioning of God when it comes to normal things.

Do you have a teen center, girls group, support group, or afterschool program?
Would you like to have Leslie and Mitzi present our FREE workshop (“Keeping it Moving to a Better YOU”) to your community of girls (ages 8-18)? If so, please see the attached flyer for details.